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GIMP goes native on OS X!

In case you’ve been living in a cave (as I apparently have been…) GIMP has now gone native on OS X!  GIMP is a fully featured image editor that works awesome and is totally free.  I used to use Adobe Photoshop, but grew tired of paying big $$ for updates.  After I gave GIMP a […]

Standing on the shoulders of giants

I’ve always appreciated the tag line of Google Scholar: “Stand on the shoulders of giants”. Google itself is a giant in its own right. Yet the tagline helps remind us that the real giants behind the technological successes we all enjoy today are the original researchers whose discoveries and inventions have paved the way for […]

GVSU’s fabulous skyline is getting even better!

When I recently returned to my roots here at GVSU, I not only had to an assimilate an amazingly altered campus from what I left behind back in 1988, but I also had to get accustomed to the fact that GVSU now sprawls across the entire W. Michigan area. In addition to the main Allendale […]

Must follow twitter lists for you mobile junkies!

The new “list” feature on Twitter is fantastic!  Basically, twitter follow lists lets you the user organize your twitter friends into meaningful lists to share with others.  This morning I started organizing various lists relating to mobile technology that I thought would be of interest to others.  So far, I’ve put together the following lists: […]

GVSU CIS Grad Students: Is that new iPhone/Android phone your latest passion?

Just got that new iPhone?   Itching to flip bits on it?  How would you like to get paid to work with the latest/greatest mobile phone platforms?  The Mobile Applications and Services Lab in the GVSU School of Computing has a limited number of Graduate Assistantships open for Fall 2009 Semester.  If you are passionate about […]

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