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Android Tutorials

This is a series of screencasts I put together to help students get up to speed on the Android platform.

The Anatomy of a RESTful Web Service

This is a 3 part screencast where we do a walk thru of a Java application that utilizes the RESTlet framework ( to create a simple RESTful web service. A zip archive of the source code covered in this screencast can be downloaded here.

A Simple Java RMI Tutorial

This is a 3 part screencast showing how Java object instances can be remoted using Java RMI. The tutorial assumes the viewer has a working knowledge of the Eclipse IDE and the RMI plugin for Eclipse installed. A zip archive of the sample source code used in the tutorial can be downloaded from here.

Simple Java Socket Tutorial

This screencast demonstrates how Java Sockets can be used to enable communication between processes running on separate machines.  The material is presented at a very basic level and no prior Java network programming is assumed. The source code discussed in the screencast is available for download here.

Introduction to Multi-Threaded Programming in Java

This is 3 part screencast tutorial that presents the motivation behind multi-threading your programs. It does this by demonstrating a problem (in this case a sluggish program due to a compute intensive task) and then showing how the problem can be solved by introducing multiple threads. The source code discussed in the screencast can be downloaded here.

Java Thread Synchronization Tutorial

This 2 part screencast demonstrates how multiple java threads can be coordinated via synchronized methods and use of the Object.wait() and Object.notify()/Object.notifyAll() methods. The source code discussed in the screencast can be downloaded here.

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    Jonathan Engelsma is a computer scientist, programmer, teacher, mobile technology enthusiast, inventor, beekeeper and life long learner. He is currently a Professor in GVSU's School of Computing, where he leads the GVSU Mobile Applications and Services Laboratory.

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