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iOS Bootcamp: learning to create awesome apps on iOS using Swift

I teach a couple of courses here at GVSU on mobile app development, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Normally, I record my lectures and make them available to students taking the course via Blackboard.  Since we are switching to Swift (from Objective-C) this year,  I’ve had a number of past students and others […]

iOS6 Maps Are Disappointing

I recently installed the iOS6 refresh on my now ancient iPhone 4. I love the new “It’s your call” features, and the new “Do Not Disturb” feature adds utility to my phone as well. I also upgraded my wife’s slightly less ancient iPhone 4S and tried out the features not available on my older iPhone. […]

Do mobile app stores have a future?

This morning I came across this interesting and well-written article on the current state of affairs with regard to mobile app stores.   I think the author’s forward looking comments are reasonable if you limit your outlook to a year or two,  but there are a couple of things to consider with regard to app stores […]

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