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iOS6 Maps Are Disappointing

I recently installed the iOS6 refresh on my now ancient iPhone 4. I love the new “It’s your call” features, and the new “Do Not Disturb” feature adds utility to my phone as well. I also upgraded my wife’s slightly less ancient iPhone 4S and tried out the features not available on my older iPhone. […]

5 mobile apps to take shopping

If you have Black Friday off from work, my  advice is to simply stay home and read a good book, interact with your kids or something else useful.  If however, you are aching for a punishment and insist on pushing/shoving your way through crowded local retail venues, you might want to make sure you deck […]

5 Interesting Features for Retail/Hospitality Mobile Apps

Every mobile application targeting a retail or hospitality use case seems to have the obvious features: finding business locations, contact information, product/offering information, and in some cases user reviews/ratings of what’s being offered.  These apps amount in many ways to a repackaging of the merchant’s existing website as a native application for the iPhone or […]

My desert island iPhone apps

Rick Broida over at CNET recently posted his top 5 desert island iPhone apps.  What follows is my choice of five apps were I stranded on a desert island. 1. Facebook: What better way to keep up with your friends around the rest of the world?    This is a fairly functional facebook client.  My […]

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