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Must follow twitter lists for you mobile junkies!

Posted on | November 4, 2009 | 1 Comment

Twitter now let's you organize your favorite tweeters into lists.  A very handy way to add some order to the tweet chaos.

Twitter now let's you organize your favorite tweeters into lists. A very handy way to add some order to the tweet chaos.

The new “list” feature on Twitter is fantastic!  Basically, twitter follow lists lets you the user organize your twitter friends into meaningful lists to share with others.  This morning I started organizing various lists relating to mobile technology that I thought would be of interest to others.  So far, I’ve put together the following lists:

  • Mobile Manufacturers:  Every manufacturer of consumer mobile devices I am aware of that has an official and active twitter presence.  This includes their main corporate twitter accounts as well as specialized twitter accounts (e.g. mobile products business units, developer communities, etc.)
  • Mobile Operators: Every mobile operator/service provider I am aware of that has an active twitter account.  At the moment this list has a North American bias to it.  Eventually, I’ll get around to creating similar lists for other markets.
  • Mobile Techies & Bloggers:  This is perhaps the most interesting list – everybody out there that I’ve encountered so far on twitter whom I think has something interesting to say about mobile.  I tried to be discerning here as there are a lot of people who are tweeting about mobile.  I didn’t not limit myself to folks in the USA, but I did try to limit it to those who tweet primarily in the English language. I’ll keep tweaking this as we go.  I’m sure I’ve overlooked a few obvious folks here… sorry in advance.  😉

This is still very much work in progress, but if you’re a mobile junkie, eavesdropping on these lists should help you very quickly tune into the tweets that matter.   I’ll be adding some addition mobile-related categories in the future.  If you find this useful, a  retweet would be greatly appreciated!


One Response to “Must follow twitter lists for you mobile junkies!”

  1. James
    November 5th, 2009 @ 7:42 am

    Thanks for the lists Jonathan! How about lists of tweeting employees that work for the various mobile device manufacturers? Now that would be interesting!

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