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US 8,090,732

As I’ve commented previously, regardless of what we software types think of software patents, we all enjoy getting the type of junk mail depicted on the left in the mail. I received some of this “good” spam in the mail this afternoon.  “How about a framed copy of your fresh patent on parchment paper with […]

Standing on the shoulders of giants

I’ve always appreciated the tag line of Google Scholar: “Stand on the shoulders of giants”. Google itself is a giant in its own right. Yet the tagline helps remind us that the real giants behind the technological successes we all enjoy today are the original researchers whose discoveries and inventions have paved the way for […]

Free Books Online…. for GVSU Students!

From my own long tenure as a college student living below the poverty level (~ 9+ years!) I always thought students were by default ingenious when it came to finding free food and other good deals. Thus, I frequently am surprised to discover soon to graduate School of Computing seniors and even graduate students (who […]

5 mobile apps to take shopping

If you have Black Friday off from work, my  advice is to simply stay home and read a good book, interact with your kids or something else useful.  If however, you are aching for a punishment and insist on pushing/shoving your way through crowded local retail venues, you might want to make sure you deck […]

Our Android tutorial now on iTunes U

My good friend and colleague Hans Dulimarta and I recently gave a tutorial entitled “Developing Android Applications” at a conference. It’s an introduction to the Android platform, and the only assumption we make is that you already have a working knowledge of Java. You can find an outline, sample source, viewgraphs, and links to the […]

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