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iOS Bootcamp: learning to create awesome apps on iOS using Swift

I teach a couple of courses here at GVSU on mobile app development, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Normally, I record my lectures and make them available to students taking the course via Blackboard.  Since we are switching to Swift (from Objective-C) this year,  I’ve had a number of past students and others […]

Successfully Integrating Web Services Into Your Android Apps

One of the things I’ve noticed budding Android developers struggle most with is how to properly integrate content being pulled form web services into their Android apps. Many of them have been focusing exclusively on figuring out layouts and other user interface related issues and haven’t yet developed an understanding of the underlying threading model […]

GIMP goes native on OS X!

In case you’ve been living in a cave (as I apparently have been…) GIMP has now gone native on OS X!  GIMP is a fully featured image editor that works awesome and is totally free.  I used to use Adobe Photoshop, but grew tired of paying big $$ for updates.  After I gave GIMP a […]

iOS6 Maps Are Disappointing

I recently installed the iOS6 refresh on my now ancient iPhone 4. I love the new “It’s your call” features, and the new “Do Not Disturb” feature adds utility to my phone as well. I also upgraded my wife’s slightly less ancient iPhone 4S and tried out the features not available on my older iPhone. […]

The “Mobile Moves Michigan” Conference

Fellow Michiganders, are you interested in broadening your mobile tech horizons this summer?  If so, you’ll definitely not want to miss the upcoming Mobile Moves Michigan Conference @ The Motor City Casino in Detroit Michigan on July 30-31, 2012.  The event, hosted by the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan, includes the Mobile/Wireless Technology Symposium (7/31), […]

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