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Mobile testing madness

Posted on | October 16, 2009 | No Comments

I saw a couple of interesting videos this week that are worth taking a look at. The first one is about testing mobile application. So if you have an app that targets a multiplicity of handsets, all with different form factors, technical specs, and service providers, how can you go about testing your apps? Its simply not feasible to acquire all the phones you need to test on, and even if you could you’d still have to worry about setting up service plans, etc. Worse yet, perhaps you’re targeting a non-local market and want to test your app abroad on a particular carrier, etc.

The MOTODEV guys recently interviewed David Marsyla of David’s company offers the “ultimate mobile application testing platform”. Basically they have a network of over 2000 shared devices world-wide that they make accessible to developers via remote access. So in theory you could test your app on any device, on networks anywhere in the world without leaving your desk.

The second video was posted by Engadget and involves stress testing the actual mobile phones themselves. The video is footage they took in Nokia’s product test lab in California.  You’ll see them inflicting all kinds of serious misuse on the devices using an interesting array of robotic technology and other test apparatuses in an attempt to simulate the sorts of misuse you all inflict on your phones over the course of time. Makes for an interesting video.

The full engadget posting is here.


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