Our Android tutorial now on iTunes U
October 12, 2010 android

My good friend and colleague Hans Dulimarta and I recently gave a tutorial entitled “Developing Android Applications” at a conference. It’s an introduction to the Android platform, and the only assumption we make is that you already have a working knowledge of Java. You can find an outline, sample source, viewgraphs, and links to the videos on iTunes U over on our lab website.

It was a lot of fun putting this together, and we hope you find it useful. Enjoy!

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  1. I’d take a look at your course, but you don’t seem to have made it available anywhere except Apple’s iTunes.

    I don’t believe Apple is an ethically sound organisation, so I’m unwilling to install the company’s iTunes software.

    Can I access your course in another, independent, way?


  2. I agree, I would rather watch this from Android, why put it on iTunes? That just makes Android look second rate.

  3. hei,

    a way, at least for Linux, is the tool tunesviewer.


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